Indoor watering

If outdoors, nature itself comes to the aid of the grower to one degree or another (you can read about watering in the outdoors here), feeding marijuana bushes with groundwater or rains, then indoors all the work of caring for marijuana falls on the shoulders of a person.

And even despite the fact that cannabis is a fairly persistent and strong plant, a lack or excess of water can affect the growth, development and productivity of the bushes in the most negative way. Lack of water – plants dry out. Too much – mold can form. In this article, we propose to figure out how many times to water the cannabis, as well as how to water the cannabis so that it delights the grower every day.

Watering cannabis indoors at different stages of development

Perhaps the first thing to mention is the frequency of watering. Many inexperienced growers mistakenly believe that watering indoor marijuana is best done more often, but with less water. But it is not always the case. Much depends on the variety, as it is much better to water the sativa less often, but more abundantly. On average, the optimal amount of water is considered to be a quarter of the volume of the pot in which the bush is grown. The calculation is not difficult – you just need to divide the volume of the pot by 4. The values ​​can be approximate, a few tens of milliliters will not play a special role.

But what about the growth stages? How often to water cannabis during a given period of cannabis development? Let’s take a look.

Vegetative stage

At this time, namely in the first month of the plant’s life, it is very important that the bushes receive a sufficient amount of liquid. For most varieties, in the first weeks, it is best to water 2 times a day, but in a small amount. You can even less than 1/5 of the volume of the pot. It is very important to take into account the indoor conditions here. If the temperature exceeds 24 degrees, and the humidity is less than 40%, watering should be done more abundantly and, in some cases, more often. The main thing is to monitor the soil so that it does not dry out.

Flowering stage
Now, such frequent watering is not required. In the flowering phase, one watering for 2-3 days is considered optimal, and the volume of water is ¼ of the pot. If the pots have holes on the bottom, and they are on a pallet, then water can be poured directly into it. This will allow the roots to absorb moisture as needed, and the grower will be completely sure not to overdo it.


The main requirement at this stage of development is not to overdo it. The amount of water should be gradually reduced, starting approximately two weeks before the estimated harvest (harvest). It is recommended to water the bushes no more than once every three days. The reason is that it is at this stage of its development that marijuana is most susceptible to mold and mildew. To provoke their formation and development with too much water definitely should not be.

What and when is it better to water cannabis?

For marijuana, ordinary tap water with no special frills is also quite suitable. The main thing is that its temperature is close to room temperature. Marijuana does not tolerate too hard or chlorinated water. Therefore, if the grower does plan to use tap water, it is best to let it sit for about a day. During this time, chlorine and many other chemical elements will evaporate, and the water will become more suitable for irrigation. Plus will pick up the desired temperature.

Important water criteria:

The pH should average 6-6.5. If the values ​​are too high, water can be oxidized, for example, with citric acid;
EU – 0.3.
There are some differences of opinion as to when is the best time to water indoor cannabis. Some growers insist that the best time to water is early in the morning, while others make a strong case for watering cannabis in the evening. But in fact, the plants in the indoor area do not have much difference from what time the watering takes place. Of course, if the plant is exposed to direct sunlight, the conversation is different. But in a classic indoor environment, where artificial lighting, watering time practically does not play any role.

The only important point: it is not recommended to water the plants at night, as it becomes cooler in the room at this time. That is, the environment becomes more favorable for mold formation. Still, it is best done by watering before lunch or late afternoon.