How do I choose the right kind of cannabis?

Choosing the right cannabis and california marijuana card online variety is an individual decision for every grower.

Cannabis strains are divided into autoflowering and photoperiodic depending on the factors that influence the transition to the flowering phase.

Autoflowering cannabis varieties are varieties that are able to enter the flowering phase independently of the light regime. They do this on their own when they reach a genetic threshold of maturity;
Photoperiodic cannabis varieties are varieties which enter the flowering phase as soon as the daylight starts to diminish.
Sexual cannabis is divided into male and female plants. Growers only value the non-pollinated, female inflorescences because they contain the lion’s share of THC and CBD. The male plants are needed to pollinate the female plants and to make their seeds.

Feminized cannabis varieties are genetically bred female seeds;
Regular varieties of marijuana – cannabis seeds that can grow into either female or male plants.
Choosing the type of marijuana
Marijuana plants come in three varieties: indica, sativa and autoflowers. Each species stands out for its individual characteristics and characteristics. These affect the plant’s appearance, growth process and speed, resistance to external negative factors, effect and flavor qualities.

Indica by its appearance is characterized by compact size of bushes, growth up to 1-2 m and dense elongated dark green foliage, growing on a strong and sturdy central stalk. The appearance of indica resembles that of a fir tree. This species originated in Pakistan, Indica, Afghanistan and Nepal. The variability and inconstancy of environmental conditions in this area, made indica a hardy and resilient plant. The growing season takes 2-4 weeks (depending on the variety) and the flowering phase takes 6-8 weeks.

The stone effect is a characteristic of the indica plant. It has a sedative effect on the body, causing relaxation and muscle relaxation.

Cannabis sativa looks nothing like indica. The bushes are slender and can grow to 4-6 meters in height. The leaves are slender and elongated while the buds are lush and oblong. The natural habitats of Sativa are in the equatorial regions of Jamaica, Thailand, Mexico and Cambodia. The climate of the area gives it the ability to grow and bloom continuously throughout the year. It is extremely susceptible to temperature fluctuations and is prone to stress. Its abundant yields are two to four times greater than those of the indica plant.

Sativa buds produce a cerebral effect called high-effect. You get a feeling of euphoria and a feeling of flying. Happiness and energy overwhelm the body.

Autoflowering strains are artificially created hybrids which contain indica and/or sativa genes mixed with ruderalis (wild weed) genes. Ruderalis is endowed with the ability to enter the flowering phase regardless of light conditions. Ruderalis is stable, undemanding and endowed with a stable immunity. These positive qualities are also adopted by autoflowers. Autoflowering plants are small and yield a moderate amount of crops. Thanks to the ruderalis genes, they are resistant to mold, insect viruses, and can also tolerate cold.

Choosing a variety depending on where you grow
Growing in indoras
Without a doubt, autoflowering marijuana varieties are uncomplicated and unpretentious to cultivate. Growing autoflowers in indora, the grower will not have to pay much attention to the plants, the main thing is to ensure regular light regime, watering and feeding.

To get impressive yields of proper quality, it is better to cultivate photoperiodic varieties of cannabis. If they have enough light, enough room to grow, and enough ventilation, they will thank their owner a lot. Photoperiodic varieties with sativa and indica genes are more resistant and stable than pure varieties. That is why they will not bring problems to cultivation. The photoperiodic indica strains are easy to cultivate:

Anubis cannabis seeds are a feminized and fast-flowering strain with a sweet caramel flavor. Bred from the varieties Chronic and Wembley. Characterized by its medium height (up to 180 cm), abundance of side shoots and productivity. When flowering, the plant will have large, heavy inflorescences which need support. It has a sedative effect on the body. Relaxing and calming. THC content reaches 18%;
LSD is an indica-dominant feminized hybrid with a strong immune system. It is resistant to fungus and mildew. The cultivar takes 60-65 days to flower. It requires plenty of water and light. It can grow to a height of 100 cm and is very abundant. With its earthy chestnut flavor and light muscat aroma. It is known for its killer trip effect. It intensifies perception and brings unbridled euphoria;
Hollands Hope cannabis seeds are an unpretentious and hardy variety, native to the 1980s. It tolerates high humidity and low temperatures with ease. The genotype of the strain is 100% indica genes, making it resistant to mold and fungus. Hollands Hope fem emits a sweet and floral aroma with citrusy, spicy notes.

The strain brings a lingering and killer effect that rolls in waves. THC levels as high as 14%.
Growing in the atdor
Growing marijuana outdoors is an easy way to cultivate this plant. A grower only needs to feed the plant regularly and water it when it’s not raining. Nature will do the rest. For outdoors cultivation in Russia, photoperiodic varieties with indica genes dominance are better suited. They are more suited to the peculiarities of the climate.

In the case of complete unwillingness to tinker with plants, autoflowering varieties are suitable for growers. The main thing is to plant autoflowers in a suitable soil, and at the end of the life cycle, harvest them. Such unpretentious and fast-flowering strains include:

B. Lee Auto fem is an unpretentious autoflower with a predominance of indica genes. The flowering phase takes eight weeks. The variety is resistant to fungi and pests. Has a sweet citrus flavor. Renowned for its balanced effects. First comes the driving high-impact, then the relaxing stone. They bring complete peace and harmony;
Lowryder #2 cannabis seeds are a feminized fast-flowering indica-dominant strain. The plant is characterized by its stability, vitality and unpretentiousness in cultivation. Even a novice grower can cope with it. The growth of bushes reaches 50 cm. The flowering period lasts 42 days. The THC content is 12-15%. A moderate stone effect eliminates depression, stress and fatigue;
Auto AK is a high yielding strain with a balanced blend of indica and sativa genes. A cross between AK-47 and Lowryder. The plant grows to 50-80 cm tall and is covered in bright green flowers, which emit a richly spicy flavor. This plant has a 70-day life cycle. THC levels reach 13-15%. It produces a long lasting relaxing effect.